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Sadly, my main job is not photography, though as I am getting older, I aim to spend more time on it.

My first camera was a Kodak bellows-fronted roll film camera that was old even before I got it. It was passed down to me by my grandfather.

From there I progressed through various Instamatic 35mm cameras to a Zenit SLR, which was an 18th birthday present from my parents.

I used to print my work in the college dark room.  There was something magical about that process that digital has not replaced though the speed of modern cameras and the ability to waste shots goes some way to compensate.

These days I shoot on Canon digital SLRs and try to combine my love of music with my love of photography.  I think the experience of playing also helps me to capture other musicians performances.

I am a bit of a vagabond when it comes to taking pictures, revelling in four key subject areas: music and live bands; nature; close-up and reportage.

I guess, if I were to sum up my passions they are people and details, so whatever I am photographing, I like to get in close either physically or with a long lens, to really understand and reveal something about the subject.

I am not one for posed shots, so it is no good asking me to take the formal pictures at a wedding (though I have a friend who can help with that!) but give me the freedom to roam around the event and I will give you some great candid shots.


A little about me, just in case you were wondering